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Massage Therapy with a Diffference

Neural Touch™
Imagine  Massage, But So Much More  

Recently I sustained an injury that aggravated a hip and lower back problem, which made it difficult to walk and move without a great deal of pain. My legs were also constantly aching. I sought relief through acupuncture, massage and chiropractic with no noticeable results although these methods have helped me in the past.

After one treatment with Gene Dobkin, I was helped. After two more, the problem was completely alleviated and has not returned for several months. I find the techniques to be soothing, pleasurable and non-intrusive. Gene’s quiet, matter-of-fact, non-judgmental manner reassured me and inspired my confidence. I felt respected, comfortable and helped by this capable practitioner. -Rosemary L’Esprit

Please note** Neural Touch work is neither magical nor medical.I do not diagnose or claim to treat medical conditions.

The results described here were the result of  balancing sessions that I routinely do, with methods available to any therapist who takes the training. All these methods are available to students as well.


What do you know about massage?
How does it work? How much can it do?

Most people picture something like a Swedish, oil-based massage. Stroking the full surface of the skin, softening the muscles and generally relaxing the body. It’s indulgent, pleasant, and sometimes a bit sensual. Regularly applied, basic massage will ease accumulated tensions improve circulation, and make some inroads into longer-held conditions.

For those who want a treatment that’s a bit more “therapeutic”, there’s shiatsu or “deep tissue” massage, which mashes or presses deeper into muscles or pressure points in order to break up more persistent knots or blockages. This is not always as pleasant an experience as the Swedish massage, but many people feel it’s worth the temporary discomfort for the reward of greater ease and mobility afterwards. The popular phrase, “No pain, no gain,” often comes to mind.

But there’s another  whole category, gaining more recognition and popularity in recent years. This is bodywork that is gentle and pleasant to receive, and yet is also deeply therapeutic, even more so than techniques that rough you up.

This technique seems simple but is miraculous for any kind of injury. I hurt myself skiing last December, and couldn’t raise my arm above my shoulder. I tried massage, acupressure and chiropractic. Nothing worked and I was miserable. One session with Gene and I could raise my arm up to my ear. –Cheri Sigman

More and more people have come to believe that Neural Touch™ is at the forefront of this mode of therapy. It’s a difficult thing to pigeonhole. You get so relaxed during the session that it’s almost hypnotic, though it  may feel as though very little is being done. There’s no thrusting or cracking around the spine or joints, but everything feels more aligned. There’s no heavy pressure or wringing, but even the deepest hip and shoulder muscles feel relaxed and toned.

And the best part is that the feeling lasts! Painful areas stay out of pain longer. Function steadily improves. Most people reach the point where they come back for treatment for fine-tuning, or just because it feels so good, not because they need to have constant maintenance.

For years I’ve had terrible heartburn and indigestion and it was getting worse. I was becoming quite concerned. Doctors told me to eat slower, quit drinking coffee and gave me prescriptions for antacids. Nutritionists told me to cut the fat out of my diet. Nothing worked. Then I met Gene Dobkin. He looked me over and told me that based on my posture, I was probably constricting my diaphragm and esophagus, which might contribute to reflux. He did a little work on me and showed me how to “lengthen” my posture. Within two days the problem was gone and hasn’t yet returned in six months. -Peter Burtis

The very young, the elderly, the infirm, the trained athlete, all can and do benefit from Neural Touch™. Individual circumstances will determine how quickly and how completely relief will come, but nearly everybody benefits.

My 11-year old son is an asthmatic. His asthma is triggered by reflux, exercise and allergies. His asthma was never severe until 2 years ago. Prior to that time his ashtma was aggravated only by allergies and exercise/physical exertion.

Approx 2 years ago there were calls to his pulmonary doctor’s office, numerous trips to Texas Children’s Hospital and three hospital stays, as his asthma seemed to be aggravated by everything. Finally his doctor found that my son was one of those asthmatics who suffered from reflux, which triggered his asthma attacks.

We began treatment for the reflux through my massage therapist, Lisa McFarland, and continue occasional treatment by Gene Dobkin. We have been able to cut back on his medication and have not been to the hospital in about one year. Now the only time I talk to his pulmonary doctor’s office is to make an appointment for a checkup. He has only had about 3 mild asthma attacks in the last 6 months. -Sharon Mesa

With Neural Touch™ no nudity or oil are required. Sessions are usually either one-half or so hour long. Most of the work is done on a padded massage table, with a few maneuvers performed seated or standing. After a couple of forms are filled out and a brief history taken, the treatment begins. Generally some attention is given first to the lower back, hips, and spine (no matter what the client’s main concerns are) since these areas are fundamental to overall health and body stability. Then other areas are addressed in turn.

For years I suffered from the ill effects of TMJ syndrome (daily headaches, ringing in my ears, jaw tension/nightly teeth grinding, arm and shoulder pain). Over the years I have tried other treatments with no relief. After my second session with Gene I was able to completely quit wearing my mouth guard at night and the associated pains have dissipated. I have also obtained relief from sciatic and knee pain from old injuries. Now I schedule an occasional session solely for complete relaxation and balancing. -Michelle Wall-O’Connor

Neural Touch™ stimulations are structured and brief, and based on subtle signals and feedback the body gives. If we can release the underlying “kernels” of a structural or functional problem, it’s not necessary to rub or stimulate everything else as well. In fact, this unfolding, releasing process continues throughout the time (usually a week or so) between sessions. Every day brings new sensations — some very gratifying, some a bit confusing — but the progress is cumulative.

There are often short pauses in the session. Once certain nerve or soft-tissue releases have been set in motion, they need to be left alone for a minute or so to settle down before the next segment or layer is addressed. This is not wasted time, in fact it’s a very good sign. It shows that your body is being given as much input as it can handle in the session without overload.

You might be surprised if you came in for a lower back problem and find significant time being spent, for example, on your neck and skull. This is because of reflexes and compensating patterns in the body. It all comes out in the wash – muscles, nerves, organs and glands all interrelate in very interesting ways. You might be even more surprised when problems you had not even thought to mention begin to show improvement.

I originally called Gene after being diagnosed with breast lumps. I was encouraged by reports of all kinds of relief from a trusted friend. When I went for my appointment my right shoulder had no range of motion, I barely thought of my breast lump problem. Before I left that visit I had 75% range of motion restored and exercises to keep increasing that range. Three weeks later when I saw my doctor, she was pleased to tell me that all lumps in the left breast were gone and in the right breast had been reduced by 60%! [not a targeted medical treatment, or a typical result! In fact I was unaware of her diagnosis before the session.] Other benefits of this treatment for me have been better breathing, walking, dreaming and well-being. –Nancy Lang

Call for questions. Appointments are most conveniently available in The S.F. Valley and Ventura County, CA.

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