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Brief BIO

With a background in education, music, and martial arts, Gene Dobkin began full-time study and practice of therapeutic modalities in the early 1980’s. Starting with Polarity and Massage, he quickly branched out into more specific applications. Part science and part art form, these studies become quite absorbing — and cumulative — And cyclical:

An aesthetic appreciation of the whole functioning body gives way to anatomical dissection of the parts, to micro-scrutiny of the cells and chemical elements, and finally back to the vibratory magic of the whole. Muscle techniques lead to Fascia, to Joints, to Bony matrix and back to Muscle. That which expresses first as Liquid becomes Gelatinous, then Solid, then Liquid once again. The student becomes teacher, to balance the equation, and to expand his research base, which in turn demands a lifetime of study.

Gene has always been drawn to osteopathic techniques, even before understanding the common roots and threads between them. The best of these are able address the client on every level, from part to whole. Beginning in 1992, Bowen became the keystone. Gene studied with and then taught first through the Bowen Academy of Australia, and later with NST, helping introduce both techniques into the U.S. and Middle East. A two-part Bowen manual, written in 1998 has sold several thousand copies and is still used as a study guide by practitioners, as well as a basic textbook by many teachers in the field.

Beginning in 2000, Gene began teaching his own Bowen classes. The idea behind them is to use basic osteopathic principles (which Tom Bowen himself professed to follow) to guide one’s moves, rather than an historical or generic patterning. This awareness, added to honing the student’s natural sensitivity of touch, produces not only a high level of results, but also a more engaging and satisfying therapeutic experience for the practitioner.

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