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Bowen Bridge-Students’ Stories

This is the next, best class to take. I will recommend it to all my Bowen friends and students.

Debra Keathley

Thanks for your class at the weekend, it was enjoyable and informative as usual.  I did enjoy the emphasis on the lymphatic system as it’s something that I have looked at in passing but not at depth, I fully intend to use this work in the future with some of my fibromyalgia clients.  I love the ‘thinking outside the box’ elements of your course as it fits in to my way of practicing very nicely and I would  wholeheartedly recommend the course to any Bowen practitioner wishing to expand their knowledge and skill base.  The whole body/mind approach that you use is seamlessly integrated to produce a system of working that produces excellent results in clients that are deemed ‘difficult’.  To have tools to work with Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia etc that are effective and gentle (very light touch!)  when the clients with these problems are usually so sensitive to pressure is a huge step forward in being able to help.

Once again thanks for a brilliant course and if you wish to use this, or my name, in the promotion of future courses please feel free.  Let me know the dates when you are coming again and I will do my best to spread the word.
Keith Cherrington, U.K.

Just needed to let you know what is going on so you can share my joy.

I woke up this morning with tears of relief. I feel normal. Words can’t describe it. That hurry up disease is gone. It is really gone and now that I know what it feels like I believe I can maintain it. I had been mood altering with food and even that wasn’t doing it any more. It was like taking a drug knowing there are side effects but taking it anyway for the momentary relief. Now I can focus on losing the 10-15 pounds I have gained. This experience proved to me that this hurry up disease is biochemical so I can quit beating myself up for some emotional work that I haven’t done that I don’t know about. Gestalt, “Aha”, it’s not my fault. Thank you.

I have delayed revelations. I didn’t go out for -BQ with the group. What did I do? I went to my room, sat on the bed with my back supported against the headboard and I didn’t move for 2 hours, and I didn’t even think. Afterwards, I thought that was strange. I believe my body was processing the bodywork we had done in class. Besides other reasons, going out with the group would have been way more than my body could have handled. I did not it know at the time but my body did.

I am enjoying not being crooked and not having all these little annoying frustrating discomforts. After all I have never believed in being sick. I was weakening in that belief because of those little aches and I was starting to think that maybe you should have things wrong with you just because of advancing years. You have set back the clock. My leg doesn’t feel shorter anymore. Thank you again.

Gene, I took your Bowen Bridge Course in the Denver area about 8 or 9 years ago with my friend Keri Sheerin. I have never forgotten the lessons learned with you, and continue to practice the techniques with great success. It was a very valuable experience for me. I look forward to studying with you again in the future.

Kim MacArthy

— Sincerely, Carol Seelye, RN

Best parts:

• Challenges to current paradigms

• Suggestions for new ways to think

• Clarity of explanations and instructions

• Relaxed atmosphere w/sufficient time to really practice/explore each new procedure

• All the background information! (theoretical/philosophical/historical)

Great course, gene, and it was a pleasure to meet you and learn from you! Hope to continue this training. Really enjoyed, benefitted from and was challenged by the experience. Thanks for All!

Lynn Peck, DVM


Positive, easy-learning teaching style. Fun at times and non-threatening. Your readiness to restate something in another way was really appreciated. It’s clear that you’ve dedicated years of research and interest to your great work, packaging it as you have. You’ve made me want to go way further in understanding more about the links within the body and also to somehow transfer this to animals as well.

Meredith Kerrigan

The course encouraged me to go back to the way I used to work (pre-Bowen) and use Bowen as an adjunct rather than a formulaic staple and that in itself was a great relief. It is much better to be free than to feel guilty for not sticking to the outline at least of the protocols as handed down by the formulators of Bowen’s work.

Also, it encouraged me to look more at anatomy, as I had always tried to avoid getting ‘stuck’ in terminology, and I realised from your work that working more with anatomy would not inhibit my sensitivity or tactile awareness of what was going on – rather it would enhance it (I had always been worried that too much left brain thinking and understanding would inhibit the functioning of ‘feel’ and ‘sense’ and intuitive awareness, but having watched you work I see that it does not hinder your function in any way.

Thank you too for that treatment you did on my right side – for weeks my left side was jealous, and I tried hard to find a way to balance up the two sides! I finally managed it I think!

Ruth Baruch, Scotland

Very well paced – never felt rushed or overwhelmed by information. Very relaxed presentation – never boring. The course I have most enjoyed, ever, and I have been on a few! Just seemed perfect timing – I was getting terribly frustrated by current Bowen training – just straining at the leash to do something different. Now at last, I understand – or begin to understand – what I have been doing when using Bowen.

I also am grateful for your course in Vancouver.  I have been using NST for over 2 years now.  It is a beautiful technique and works well for a lot of people.  But when it wasn’t as successful as I wanted, I felt there was more I could have done if I had known how.  I had started to feel as if I was a robot, doing the same things over and over again whether they worked or not.  It was as if even if I wanted to break the mold, my habits would have reigned over my hands.

I took a course from Ross Emmett with Ron Phelan and Romney Smeeton in Tasmania.  And I took a course from Romney and Ross in Brisbane.  And their techniques were amazingly useful and successful. At times, though, it felt as if they had some sort of natural intuition that I didn’t have in their approach to assessment.  I just couldn’t quite ‘get it’.

Your course helped me to recognize that this ‘intuition’ could be learned and my depth of sensitivity could be practiced, and enhanced.  I feel confident that what you have taught is exactly what I was looking for.  There will be trial and error, but now I feel competent enough to let that be, to learn, to experiment and explore so that I can treat each of my clients as an individual and give them what they need.  After all, that is precisely why I got into this field.

Thank you, Gene for sharing your gifts.

Kimberly Reedy

Enjoyed the new way of working, i.e. finding the ‘release” Points and playing with finding ‘The One!’ The sense of humor and amazing touch. — More please! Definitely take the class!

Hilary Campbell-Martin

I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that In the past 2wks I have already had some great results with your help – in fact some quite amazing – unmistakable responses especially during the final spinal check on a lady with a frozen shoulder and sciatic problems.

The responses around sacrum/coccyx area were so strong they almost blew my hand off the body, of course I kept my cool but only just as I wanted to shout WOW !  & with each ‘Electric Spark’ my smile grew bigger and bigger, good job the lady was face down –  lol !,

So Gene I’m practicing loads & feeling spines and ribs on anyone who’ll lie down.

Donna Duffin

Having just completed Gene Dobkin’s Bowen Bridge/Neural Touch course, I needed a day or two to mull over what had just happened!! If you have completed graham Pennington’s course and realize there is more to Bowen than ‘just Bowen’ (Graham’s course is nothing like Gene’s by the way), then this is the course for you.

If you are looking for a course that will blow your mind then this is the course for you. If you have ever pondered over whether there could be just one point on the body that could fix everything, then this is the course for you. If you are keen to find out about what phrases like positional release and tissue matching are, then this is the course for your. If you want to learn how to reroute pain so the pain goes away, then this is the course for you.

The course structure was in intense but eye-opening three days, but rather than feeling exhausted, I felt invigorated. We did not just learn new procedures, we did not just learn a new set of moves that may or may not work, we learned how to read the body and work what was needed, whether this was using traditional Bowen moves or something more subtle but powerful.

I just wanted to say thanks again for a really good time in Chicago:) I think this class has been the catalyst for my development as a therapist.

Previously I was content and comfortable with the more-or-less rigid

Application of the Bowtech and NST moves. I was getting results and I liked having the rules to tell me what to do. However, as I look back over the past 2 years, I can see that I had started looking something more “responsive”

Now my focus is on getting some more anatomy review. Your comments about having knowledge about the body and then being willing to be led, were very helpful.

Actually, I could think of this as analogous to the labor process. When I was birthing a baby, I was totally present and deeply tuned into the labor process. I didn’t use breathing to distract myself (as in Lamaze), I needed to totally relax and follow the process. I “knew” when to squat, when to walk,when to go to the bathroom, when to push, when to make noise, etc. Having 4 homebirths was a good preparation for this phase of my life.

It was a really cool class. I loved hanging out with everybody, and you are an excellent teacher.

Therese Bower

Having just completed Gene Dobkin’s Bowen Bridge/Neural Touch course, I needed a day or two to mull over what had just happened!! If you have completed graham Pennington’s course and realize there is more to Bowen than ‘just Bowen’ (Graham’s course is nothing like Gene’s by the way), then this is the course for you.

If you are looking for a course that will blow your mind then this is the course for you. If you have ever pondered over whether there could be just one point on the body that could fix everything, then this is the course for you. If you are keen to find out about what phrases like positional release and tissue matching are, then this is the course for your. If you want to learn how to reroute pain so the pain goes away, then this is the course for you.

The course structure was in intense but eye-opening three days, but rather than feeling exhausted, I felt invigorated. We did not just learn new procedures, we did not just learn a new set of moves that may or may not work, we learned how to read the body and work what was needed, whether this was using traditional Bowen moves or something more subtle but powerful.

Julie Elder

I would recommend this course because Gene’s work is, gently, effective and enables you to become more confident in what you are trying to achieve.  You learn the ability to ‘read’ bodies and to develop a sense of feel for what that body is trying to tell you.  You learn to work with the body as it attempts to heal itself. I would tell them to just try it as this man’s approach is very different.

Sheila Bryant

As a student of many Bowtech classes I wondered how I would fit in with all the other interpretations of Bowen’s work. I found that Gene was so empowering in his teaching that it didn’t seem to matter where I was coming from.

What I find the most valuable from the class is a better understanding of Mr. Bowen’s work. Being able to assess and continue working on an area of concern until there was some improvement was way cool.

The techniques for the neck and thoracic outlet have been of great benefit to my clients with upper back, neck and arm problems. I look forward to seeing all I’ve learned in the class unfold as I to apply it to my clients.

Pat Lee

I enjoyed your practical, no-nonsense approach to teaching which is reflected in your technique as well. I most enjoyed your combinations. Neural Touch is a synthesis of a variety of disciplines that results in simple elegant and powerful strategies.

Don Lee, LAC

The Bowen Bridge class was the most valuable and informative class I’ve taken in the 5 years I’ve been practicing bodywork. What you taught validated my hunch that mixing in other “body intelligent” techniques produces more immediate and noticeable results, and further individualizes the treatment for the client’s specific concerns.  During my personal introduction in class, I mentioned that I was not satisfied with the results I was getting in my “pure” NST sessions.  After only two days of implementing the Bowen Bridge material, I have witnessed results that are way beyond my expectations.

On my first day back to work, I had the opportunity to try out the techniques. Two of the clients presented with scoliosis, including a strong rotational component.  This distortion was visually notable as they lie prone. Both reported pain, one primarily in the “low” shoulder, the other had pain in the “high” hip.  I included the Difflumiac PRAP, positional release and final spinal check in both treatments.  I watched as their bodies reversed rotation.  On my final visual assessment, I was unable to see any rotation. Their sacra returned to a perfect horizontal placement, their shoulders rested balanced on the table. Upon palpation, I couldn’t even feel the classic zigzag of their scoliotic spines. I was elated.  These are both clients that have been coming to me for a long time and all other techniques have failed to make these changes.  One called me the following day to report that her hip felt fabulous and her whole body felt much more balanced.  “You have magical hands,” she said.  No magic involved here, just some great new Neural Touch techniques used wisely.

All of the Bowen Bridge techniques that I have tried have been amazingly effective.  Beyond the individual techniques, there is something about my mode of assessment that has also changed.  I am seeing more of the big picture now, not just looking for tight muscles and obvious postural distortions. The whole idea of using tissue matching pressure has lightened up my touch, giving me so much more information during assessment.

Another interesting observation is in how my body feels while doing a Neural Touch type of session.  I am jazzed up and relaxed at the same time. I still have some clients that request massage. During those sessions this week, my back hurt, I was bored and found myself feeling resentful that I had to do massage when I really wanted to be doing Neural Touch. I intend to start phasing out the massage work, referring out those clients that I’m unable to convert.

My answer to all who have asked me how the Bowen Bridge class went has been, “I have enough material to digest and experiment with for years. This may be the last continuing education class that I will ever need.”

On a personal note, I have to tell you that the session I received from you was the most profound bodywork experience I ever had.  You released some very long held tensions in my body, but also released some long-held beliefs.  I have always felt dented, bad, unworthy, and disconnected from others.  Intellectually, I knew these were not accurate, but emotionally, the beliefs remained.  After the session, I got it: I’M OKAY!!!  Not only has this translated into feeling good about myself, but it is obvious in how I am received by others

Kim Lemoon

Please feel free to use my words, it is the least that I can do for all that your teachings are doing for me. If I had the money I would ask to come to California in order to study and apprentice with you. I feel that I have barely scratched the surface of what I would like to know and you have so much to teach.

No, I can never go back to Bowtech and their ways. I haven’t done a single “pure” Bowtech session since your course!! Just changing the final moves of BRM2 to fit the contours of the spine makesSO much sense and that is just one example. Your additional shoulder and TOS moves have given a couple of my clients far more relief than I had been able to give them to date. Bear in mind, a fair number of my clients only see me once a month as I travel to them so it is a challenge to really help them. Having said that, I still get good results. My absolute and first love is treating horses. The work on the spine that you taught us has really helped them.

I am also being a lot more creative in moves on other areas of the body. I find that applying the human moves to the horse doesn’t completely translate to where the horses are often sore. Taking BRM3 for example, six moves, and applying them on the horse’s neck never did make sense to me. Just look at the neck of the horse compared with ours and how they use it!! The horses taught me exactly what they wanted worked on for their necks and I have been doing as they requested for a long time now <grins>. My sensitivity to horses has enabled me to do as you taught, finding the origin and the referring point. I can’t figure out how to do positional release or the gearshift moves with them <laughing>.

I am not surprised that so many people stop subscribing to Bowtech. Their limited course selection in order to keep the hours up is exasperating. I would love to learn other aspects of working with Bowen, as they do in England, but to take the pre-certification refresher and the Bowtech Advanced over and over doesn’t inspire me. I am also upset over the politics around Carol Bennett and who they have teaching Equine Bowen up here. I don’t like being told that my certification with Carol isn’t valid in Canada.

Yes, I am very humble about what I do. I never take anything for granted and realize that as bodyworkers go I am really just starting. I consider myself to always be learning, every horse, every dog and every person that I touch has something to teach me. I am aware of just how little I know and how much I need to develop my eye and my touch. I know I have come a long way in 3 years but I am on a journey.

Most of my clients are from referrals and I prefer it that way. With people that I know well I sometimes refer to what I learned from you as “Bowen on Steroids” with a big grin on my face!! I say that you have taken learnings from many other modalities and figured out how to intelligently integrate them with the Bowen model. My existing clients thought that to be very exciting and have been keen to give it a try. Several of them wanted me to pass on their thanks to you.

If you ever doubt that you should be doing this work then email me!!! You have a gift, as a teacher and as a person. I really respect that you are always looking for new ideas and revising what you teach. I knew that I had to study with you from the first time I opened your Bowen books. If there is anything in particular that I can write for you to put in your promotions then please let me know. I ask some of my clients to write a paragraph or so for me and they are always happy to do so. It means so much more than me telling people that they should give what I do a try!

Elizabeth Sleight

I had just finished the “Bowen for Animals” class with your student,  Carol Bennett. I had some issues, namely I broke my back. Compressed fracture of L4, sprained ankle, tennis elbow, hips out, etc. In I have taken modules 1-6 of the Classic Bowen; I went to the only Bowen practitioner in the Chicago area. There was little improvement after 2 sessions. Before I left Carol’s class on Animal Bowen, I asked her if she could do some Bowen on me.

I am always open to knew ideas, that is why I originally got involved with Tom Bowen; but I was not prepared for what I received. Impressed is an understatement. Relief was immediate. You probably know this anyway. I can imagine your smile about now.

–Michael Reback

It’s been a great week working NT into most of my work, massage and Bowen. The first massage I did on my return was for a 19 year old girl who’d had surgery on her knee and had been walking around with crutches and a heavy brace for a month. Her low back hurt. I incorporated the Dominant Leg moves and the Diff Lumbar Iliac moves into her regular massage, and heard later in the day that she was feeling terrific, with no pain. Yeah!

Also used the IT Band release on a bowen client with lateral hip pain (around the TFL) I’d never really known how to address with Bowen, and she felt lots better too. This is really fun!

Micki Kuttler

The techniques] will all be useful, since I now have the freedom to explore. An excellent learning environment. Gene — your training blows Bowen away. -Jerry Ramsey


I know I said I wouldn’t email about every success but I had another on Sunday that has amazed me. First session for a teenaged girl. She fell off a horse a year ago and hurt her lower back. X-rays, physio etc. and she is still in a lot of pain. Her mother had basically refused to pay for any more treatments as she didn’t believe that her daughter was still in pain …

On the table I had to use the lightest of touches anywhere near the base of her spine, it was that bad. I did the differential Iliac moves and then the “gearshift”. I could barely make the moves and when holding her leg I could feel the spasms right down into her ankle. I truly didn’t expect to be able to help her.

I got an email a day later telling me that she was able to roll over in bed without back pain for the first time since the injury. Her upper back was extremely rounded (upper X) and even that she says is somewhat better. I am positive that I couldn’t have had any of the successes that I have had in the last week or so without your course. It has completely changed how I treat and how I work with each client.

Thank you again!!!

Elizabeth Sleight (again)

Well, it’s been 48 hours now since your little group left the Bristol (UK) area where Gene Dobkin taught us. I thought I should start the ball rolling.

Not sure where to start because for me this was a HUUUUUUUGE course, and by that I mean one that can radicalize your practice… I can’t list everything that went on, so I’ll simply throw a few comments out there Gene, or “that lil’ man standing there in the middle” as my mind sometimes referred to, shared with us years of material using Bowen intertwined with his own life experiences.

Constant encouragements to make whatever we’d learned our own. Clear, concise explanations — no doubt born from an awful lot of thinking from that man.

But most importantly, an utter and complete liberation from any prescriptive Bowen you may have been taught in the past. This will likely rich your foundations, and hopefully allow you to accomplish greatness with your clients.  I am referring to the Bowen Bridge part 1. I hear Gene is returning to the UK next year; I already know that I will attend part 2!

Soazig Nedelec

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