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Are You a Natural Healer?

Everybody has seen or heard of someone who can lay his or her hands on another and the receiver starts to get better. In some cases, the hands really are just laying there, on the surface of the body, or hovering above. This is not what we’re addressing here, (though the ground rules of hands-off, “energetic” healing are remarkably similar to the more conventional kind).

Rather, we mean the people who are doing some kind of physical treatment, but to all appearances are aimlessly exploring and touching the body. Some areas are jostled or jiggled, plinked or plunked a bit; certain joints are stretched, and their ranges explored; there are occasional pauses during which a fine attention and concentration are exhibited. But not much seems to be outwardly happening. Nothing gets deeply mashed or cracked or corrected in what one would normally think of as “therapy.” Yet the receiver feels much better and quickly recovers from whatever ailed him.

It’s all too tempting to attribute this as simply personal charisma or innate healing ability. But there is science to subtlety, and such methods can be learned and can be taught. With Neural Touch, a number of powerful yet subtle modalities have been tapped and integrated into a seamless whole that may outwardly appear cursory and vague, but feels as though one’s body is being totally rearranged from the inside out.

This effect is because the nervous system has been accessed. The computer “code” has been broken. The body doesn’t feel attacked, and gladly lays down it’s defenses so a deeper healing can happen. But technique alone cannot accomplish this. Necessary “ingredients” will always be the practitioner’s faculties of sensitivity, curiosity, and focused attention. Mix in a willingness to be led (often called “intuition”) and voilà, a natural healer.

Neither will raw talent and intuition suffice on their own. Natural intuitives will eventually invent (or re-invent) technologies through which to ply their treatments. What we recommend is a kind of informed intuition. Learn as much as you can, know the patterns and relationships and usual trouble spots. During a session, though, be willing to let this all go and let the body teach you exactly what it needs.

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