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A Day in The Life

Yesterday I was called in to see and treat a long-term client family: one human (John) one 6-year-old mixed breed female named Bonnie. And a  yellow lab — Bear. one year old today — rambunctious and strong as an ox. He was named after a previous Bear, whom I had worked with for years. I got slobbered and nibbled on quite a lot, and made sure to keep my glasses and shoes up high, well out of the way of being chewed to shreds.

Bonnie was suffering with a couple of injuries and some organ related issues. The house was in a bit of good-natured chaos, with the dogs competing over who goes first and longest. But everything got addressed eventually. As is my habit, I showed John everything I was doing with each dog, so he could replicate it after I left.

Same with John’s session —you might imagine some of the stresses and strains he  develops wrestling with his menagerie. We all worked hard during the escapade. By the time I left, everyone had  relaxed and rested. Especially the dogs had made a degree of  peace and snoozed together. They don’t hold grudges, you know. And they were quite ready for dinner.

To be repeated when needed . . .

It won’t surprise anybody to know that this is the age of internet. Cyber this and cyber everything. And yes, it has been scientifically proven that watching cat videos does benefit people emotionally.

But the internet is a two-edged sword. Facebook can increase depression. Since other people strive to put on their best face all the time, or shall we say, “enhance” sometimes, what’s an honest, normal person supposed to do? Unless I can convince other people (and myself) That everything is GREAT with me all the time, by comparison I can come off kinda puny. There are countless websites vying for the viewers’ attention. It can be very competitive. We even butcher the language. Nothing ever costs $50 any more, because $49.95 sounds better. Even if it’s bull, it begins to sound normal.

So what about me? Here on U.S. Bowen, I can and will show you video and text testimonials that have me performing virtually miraculous healings, with results that seem virtually permanent.  They’re not lies. But are they as common as your strongest wishes would have them be? My gracious!  There was a doctor once, who money-back guaranteed my and my students’ results.

My therapeutic results are very good. Based on 30 years of feedback. They don’t need to be perfect, or magic or forever, to make people happy. In fact some of the basis for their happiness is their own belief in and efforts towards wellness.

So please continue to view and enjoy the rest of my website. And know that the recent story above is true, alongside other, more exciting sections. Which are also true.

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